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General Heat Safety Tips

General Heat Safety Tips

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Posted in General on September 08, 2014

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General heat safety is very important - because a car can heat up so quickly, even on mild-weather days, and because children's small bodies poorly tolerate the heat, it is very urgent to remember your backseat passengers, especially when they fall asleep, and fall silent, on longer car rides.

There have also been indicidents of children accidentally locking themselves in parked vehicles.


Here are some tips both for general heat safety, as well as to help remember, on top of being reminded by SafetyBIB, your precious cargo:

1. Leave your purse, or other important item you’ll need at your destination, in the backseat next to your child that you’ll be forced to remember when you arrive.

2. If your child is in the care of a school, daycare, or babysitter – make arrangements with the provider to contact you within 20 minutes if your child was not dropped off as scheduled.

3. Create a reminder or alarm in an electronic device to help you remember any changes in childcare routine.

4. Be sure to lock your vehicle when it is parked, and keep your keys & remotes out of reach of children.

5. Teach your children that vehicles are not playgrounds.  Teach your children that trunks are for transporting cargo, and can be very dangerous.

And the most important:
TAKE ACTION if you see a child left unattended in a vehicle. 

     Do not wait more than a few minutes for their parent or guardian to return.
     "Good Samaritan" laws exist to protect those helping others in an emergencies