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Posted in General on September 08, 2014

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While heatstroke in cars is not just an issue in the United States, you'll find that the number of heatstroke deaths in Europe are relatively lower - which is somewhat expected, given the overall cooler climates.  According to, there was in fact only 26 cases of heatstroke during a period from 2007-2009 in France and Belgium, for example.  Of those 26 cases, only 7 were fatalities. 

While these numbers are significantly less than the statistics here in America (an average of 38 deaths per year!), countries abroad are still revamping their legislature to address these issues:

Recently in Melbourne, Australia, penalties were doubled (six years jail time or a $3690 fine according to Wendy Lovell, a spokewoman for the Children and Early Childhood Development Minister) for parents/guardians leaving their children unattended in vehicles or homes. 

They also passed a law - any children under the age of 16 are considered "unattended" if left alone, according to an article on, a news-reporting site based out of Victoria, home to Melbourne, Australia.

We wondered, though - how does one place an age limit for children that are ok to be left alone?  Are they responsible enough at 12 years old?  Is there any age at which it is ok to leave them unattended in a locked vehicle that can quickly heat up?

What do you think?

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