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Adults Check Out Just How Hot A Car Can Get...

Adults Check Out Just How Hot A Car Can Get...

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Posted in In The News on June 22, 2015

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A few adults have lately decided to "test out" a hot car, to see how hot a car can really get and to see how long they can stand the heat... journalist Sarah Plake recently "took the challenge" to see how long she'd last, and with a thermometer in her car, she logged an increase from 100 to 106 degrees within just five minutes of being in the vehicle...  Within 15 minutes, her adult body could not handle the heat (now at 115 degrees) and she had to get out of her car.  You can check out her full story here!

A sherrif's office in Forsyth County, GA recently posted a video of one of their police officers who had volunteered to sit in a hot vehicle.  After his time in the hot car, he even spent the rest of the day re-hydrating, fighting off a headache.  Check out their video here!


As journalist Sarah Plake warns, the release of school and summer schedules are enough of an alteration to your normal routines that a parent can forget a child in the backseat...

A great way to help prevent that, aside from hanging a SafetyBib!, is to put a plan into place - if you child doesn't arrive at a destination he or she was expected at, ask that the caregiver waiting for the child immediately call or contact someone!