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Landmark Legislation!

Landmark Legislation!

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Posted in In The News on September 15, 2014

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Recently, what State Rep. David Hawk called "a landmark piece of legislation" was passed in Tennessee:

As of July 1, you can legally smash a window or otherwise forcibly enter a parked car [in Tenessee] without liability if you have “a good faith belief” the actions help a minor who will suffer “harm if not immediately removed from the vehicle.”

There have been similar laws, though not specifically addressing kids left in cars, created in the past.  Commonly called The Good Samaritan Law, it offers legal protection to those providing reasonable assistance to those in need. 

This new legislature passed in Tennesse requests that people first call 911 and make sure there's no other way to get inside the vehicle, before they forcibly enter the car they believe to contain a minor in need of help.  And if force is required, the person must leave a note on the car windshield with contact information - although, one would think that the "Good Samaritan" would wait with the child and/or any officers called to scene...

Do you agree with the protection this piece of legistlature gives to Good Samaritans in a hot-car scenario?

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