How it works

How Safety B.i.B. works

Learn how this simple-to-use system can prevent children from being forgotten in hot cars

Safety B.I.B. Features

Cost Effective

So affordable, we're selling them in pairs


No batteries or wires, unlike competing products

Raises public-safety awareness

The traffic-sign colors of the Safety BIB will help the public become more aware of car-safety

Simple to use

Competing products are complicated

The Public's Alert

The bright colors of the public-facing side urge passersby to scan the car for unattended children

A Driver's Reminder

The bright colors are always visible to the driver while the tag is hanging

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety B.I.B. is an affordable, easy-to-use reminder system to prevent children from being unintentionally left in hot cars. The tag is made of 30mil durable, waterproof plastic and is to only be used when a child is present in the backseat. 

Intended usage is simple. When no child is in the car, simply store the Safety B.I.B. in the empty carseat. When a child is placed into the carseat, the Safety B.I.B. is removed and carried to the driver's seat and hung on the rear-view mirror. The traffic-sign colored caution hangs below the mirror as a constant reminder that a child is present. Once the car is parked, the tag should be taken down and placed back into the carseat.

The Safety B.I.B. has a public-facing sign printed in traffic-sign colors that urges any passerby to check the car for an unattended child in the backseat. Even if a driver is in such a rush that they miss the Safety B.I.B. and leave the car, the hope is that someone walking by will see the tag, look into the car, and call 911 if necessary.

Yes. If you don't wish to hang the Safety B.I.B. from your rear-view mirror, or in the case that state laws prohibit it, you can use Safety B.I.B. in different ways:

The first alternate suggestion would be simply place the Safety B.I.B. on your lap while driving with a child in the backseat. Upon exiting the car, the Safety B.I.B. on your lap will be a sure-fire reminder.

The second suggestion would be to hang the Safety B.I.B. over your car key after it has been inserted into the ignition. In this way, upon removing the key from the ignition you will be reminded of your child in the backseat.


By raising awareness of the Safety B.I.B., our hope is that if a cop or passerby sees a tag hanging in a parked vehicle, they will scan the car for an unattended child and possibly save a life.

Yes. We have a few other child safety products that are in the design-phase at this time. Success of the Safety B.I.B. will determine the future of these products as well.

All users must check local and state regulations pertaining to obstruction-of-view laws and how hanging the Safety B.I.B. from the rearview mirror of a moving vehicle might break those laws.

We are not responsible for negligence of "obstruction of view" laws and strongly advise you to research these laws before hanging this product from your rearview mirror.

IF STATE LAWS PROHIBIT HANGING ITEMS FROM YOUR REARVIEW MIRROR please see "Are there other ways to use Safety B.I.B." section above for alternative ways to use the Safety B.I.B. 

There are substantial costs with getting this product in use in the most cars possible. Our initial costs to design the product, get prototypes made, and get the "Patent Pending" status were in the thousands. We personally invested money to get to where we are today. We are looking to fund the remaining product manufacturing and patent-pending status on Kickstarter.