Our Story

Who We Are

Safety BIB is a patent-pending design that was created by two young NJ parents, Eric and Kate Solan, after being exposed to horrific headlines across the nation in Summer of 2015.  It began with an article in a parenting magazine about real-life tragedies caused by heat-stroke, and continued with headline after heart-breaking headline.

“After having our son, these stories turned into a paranoia – we realized that any change in routine can cause even the best parents to possibly make a grave mistake” says Kate.  

She recalls an incident in early 2012:

“A coworker and good friend came into work late and shaken up one day. The normal routine was for his wife to take his daughter to her parents' house each morning and he would go directly to work. One day, things changed and he had to take the child with him. The man got all the way to work, daydreaming and tired, and was getting out of the car when his daughter coughed and snapped him to attention. A few seconds later he might have locked her in his car if she hadn't made this sound."

Our Main Goal

Our mission is to have Safety BIBs become a standard safety measure for all new parents.

  • Hospitals: New parents should receive a Safety BIB with their discharge paperwork as they leave the hospital. 
  • Daycare Centers: Parents should receive a Safety BIB with their registration paperwork
  • Carseat Manufacturers: A Safety BIB should come in every box

Kate says

“We want this product widely available and distributed.  If we can save even one life we will consider Safety B.I.B. to be hugely successful.”

Heatstroke Death Statistics

Hyperthermia, or heatstroke, is a condition that occurs when a body absorbs more heat than it can handle. Remember, a child's body can heat much faster than an adult's, resulting in much more severe effects of heatstroke.

2014 Heat-related deaths in children left in cars (as of 8/20/2014)
23 deaths
2013 Heat-related deaths in children left in cars
Yearly average since 1998

How fast do cars Heat Up?

Even in 75 degree weather, the inside temperature of an unattended vehicle can reach 100 degrees in as little as TEN MINUTES.

On an 85 degree day, in as little as thirty minutes, the vehicle can reach deadly temperatures as high as 120 degrees.

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Safety B.i.B. History

  • 1998 - Statistics collected on heatstroke deaths in children
  • 2001 - Trunk Releases become standard in cars
  • 2002 - A heat study is carried out
  • 2006 - Woman Sentenced
  • 2007 - A three-year-old dies
  • 2010 - highest number of child deaths from heatstroke
  • 2014 - Son locks himself in car
  • 2014 - Safety B.i.B. project created on Kickstarter