What people are saying about Safety B.I.B.

  • Jenn & Adam P. - testimonial Jenn & Adam P. Oldbridge, NJ

    As recent newlyweds, we are hoping to be new parents eventually; and while we considered car safety as something to be concerned about (appropriate car seat installation, for example!) accidentally leaving a child in the car wasn't something that came up.

    It is easy to see that it could happen to even "good parents" and we were so excited to see the SafetyBIB emerge on the market!

  • Katie & Braden H. - testimonial Katie & Braden H. Seattle, WA

    As a new parent, any time I hear about the death of a child, I feel sickened.  Some of these deaths are sadly unavoidable, but others simply should not happen.  For instance, it does not seem that hot car deaths should be an issue. However, since they are, it would be great to see a tool out there that could help parents keep focused and never forget their children in a car, particularly a hot one. Sleep deprivation and stress frequently accompany parenting. Both can lead to small mistakes with tragic consequences.

  • Christian D. - testimonial Christian D. Hillside, NJ
    I remember when I was a new Dad, and one of my greatest fears was accidentally leaving my child in the backseat. If you are forgetful or just not used to having a baby in the back, an extra reminder could be a difference between life or death.
    I can't wait for the Safety Bib to get out there and I'll defintely recommend it to all parents!
  • Stephanie T. - testimonial Stephanie T. Hackensack, NJ

    After seeing the recent articles this summer about children left in cars, I could not imagine a better invention to prevent these tragedies from happening. As a parent on the go, it is scary to think that you could unintentionally get caught up in running errands and possibly forget that your sleeping child is still in the car.
    I think SafetyBIB is a genius idea. I wish it was around sooner but look forward to the day this product is on the shelves and saving lives!

  • Elizabeth S. - testimonial Elizabeth S. Ames, IA

    I find it incredibly difficult to read the articles of children who were accidentally left in a car knowing that I'm not likely to read a happy ending. What's even scarier is being able to see how it could happen to me: when my baby is sleeping in the car and rear facing, it's like he's not even there.

    I'm really looking forward to the Safety B.I.B. product because it's simple to use and it will remind me, and alert those passing by, that there is a baby in my vehicle.

  • Robert D. - testimonial Robert D. Huntersville, NC

    We live in a different time where both parents are always plugged in juggling not only the kids in the car but are constantly interrupted with phone calls and texts throughout the day.  The idea of having assurance that a badly timed call or text won't distract me enough to leave my boy in the car gives me one less thing to worry about!  

    Safety B.I.B. is the reminder every parent needs!

  • Danielle R. - testimonial Danielle R. Lodi, NJ

    I couldn't believe the recent headlines and horrors of parents leaving their children in hot vehicles.  It had become a great parenting fear of mine, and I found myself constantly checking the backseat for my newborn, even when he wasn't with me.

    I think the SafetyBIB is great to help parents remember and I am so glad to see a product that will hopefully save lives!